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Estate Sales

Let us host your estate sale!

Let us host your estate sale!

Have you or your parents recently decided to move, leave the state or do you just want to make some extra cash in exchange for all those extra treasures lying around your home? We can help!

Our estate sales have been recommended widely around the Chicagoland area--especially for our ability to bring in the MOST amount of customers and generate the MOST amount of sales. 

How it works:

Step 1: Schedule a review.

Call us at (815) 267-7880 or email us at to schedule an in-home review--where we come to you and personally assess the situation.

Step 2: Book your sale and timeline.

Once we have assessed your situation and you select us as your partner, we will work with you to develop a realistic timeline, pricing plan, and sales structure that suits your unique event.

Step 3: Advertising and promoting your sale.

We also do ALL of your merchandising, advertising and all bookkeeping, security and hosting during the actual sale. We will take quality pictures of everything in the house and organize + promote them. This includes Social Media, online at, and our own email marketing efforts. 

We also place professional signage all around your area to promote the sale during the event. 

Step 4: Hosting the actual sale.

We handle all aspects of the estate sale, including organization, staffing, set-up, pricing, research utilizing our expertise, personal library, and the latest online pricing sources. We are responsible for all staging, transactions, and bookkeeping--which we are happy to share directly with you as the sale happens.

Step 5: Timeline.

Typically, we run our estate sales from Friday mornings at 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM for three days--ending Sunday at 3:00 PM. 

Step 6: Cleanup and post-sale.

We will coordinate any unsold items to be either consigned at our shop or picked up and purchased by our personally-recommended clean-out service. 

Step 7: Ready to get started?

To request a one-on-one assessment of YOUR estate sale:

  • Email us at or
  • Call us weekdays between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM at (815) 267-7880.